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Almost Cut My Hair – Classic Surf Film

November 26, 2013

Almost Cut My Hair SurfAlmost Cut My Hair is one of those surf films that makes you want to leave the office… and surf!
Ryan Lovelace made the film on a magic budget of enthusiasm + time + surf. The soundtrack is a distillation of living the life aquatic. To find out more visit COTBSurf for the latest review about:Almost Cut My Hair


Surf Barbados

October 14, 2013

Surf Barbados

Surf Barbados is world class! An intermediate surfer follows the Kelly Slater trail to experience the majesty of Soup Bowl, the barrelling righthander. This site has moved, click to find out more about Surfing in Barbados

Hurricane Sandy Surf

November 2, 2012

A Hurricane Sandy Surf collection of videos and photos taken days before the full wrath of Frankenstorm devasted the East Coast of America. Surfers in Florida and other Eastern States, not know for their giant wave,s had a cold water taste of Hawaaian sized surf.  Vist Chairman of the Board Surf to see the superstorm waves of Hurrican Sandy Surf

Howard Marks, Mr Nice on Chairman Of The Board Radio

September 27, 2012


Chairman of the Board Radio… “Lost in music,,,, found on the Beach”
Host? A retired Balearic Russian and closet surf blog writer, Rowan Chernin.
First show features Howard Marks aka Mr Nice snf first taste of Surf Noir.
Surf Blog: Chairman Of The Board

Big thank you to the production team at Toolshed Music  The new boutique sound house in the heart of London’s West End where creative magic meets tech wizardry. Founded by super-innovative writer/producers Adrian Meehan and Mike Blackwell in 2012, Toolshed Music is a fully equipped creative music composition and sound design studio working in film/TV, advertising, art, music, new media and other projects across various genres

Surfing On Sine Waves ‘Competition Winner’

January 7, 2012

Slug and Vest... a new chain of male friendly bars muscles in

Thanks for the photo. We should meet-up. CD in the post!

Surfing On Sine Waves,

December 20, 2011

Surfing on Sine Waves by Polygon Window. If you don’t already know P’Window was the pseudonym of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin! First released back in January 1993 on Warp Records.

By chance, a year or two before its release, I was at the Bowgie Inn, Crantock; a country pub hidden within a labrinth of country roads near the binge-capital of Newquay. I remember feeling the bass through the table as I paid my £3. Fans of Whithnail and I may recall the phrase; “I’m going to install a jukebox and liven you f~ckers up!”

The landlord, influenced by a cultural vibe of lively dancefloor entertainment, had turned his business into a dancefloor. The pub, gutted of furniture had walls painted with fluorescent aliens on skateboards. Above the braffin, the horses collar with a boy-scout display of horse brass, a flower-strobe poked spears of coloured light through the fog onto a shoal of lost, gasping faces. A young long haired Mr Richard D. James was DJing alongside MC Master Bater (sic.) and “banging-out-the-hardcore” (remember those phrases?). During an ambient break between the ordinance of beats, the landlord rang ‘last-orders’ and we were all back out on the street by 11.15! Cruel…

Anyway, it’s Christmas. The first person to email me the location of the photo on the album cover below will recieve a copy of the CD, Surfing on Sine Waves! Fill in the comments box below, I won’t publish your email address. The Chairman’s decision in final. Get swotting..

Polygon Window Surfing on Sine Waves

View from my living room

#Volcano-Surfing, The Latest Extreme Sport for Wandering Sheep

December 16, 2011
volcano surfing

Gap-year-clowns replace beer-trays with coffin lids !

Volcano Surfing is a pitiful description for an activity where sober adults slide down a mountain on a coffin lid. The magic of visiting a new volcanic site is reduced to a ridiculous scenario of re-enacting the post-pub antics of sozzled students beer-tray-riding down the side of a grass verge. Volcano merely describes the location and it clearly doesn’t deserve the noble association with the term surfing.

This bored-sport has become popular among tourists after it was discovered back in 2005. The idea of extending this beer-traying descent down the  Cerro Negro volcano is a tourist attraction dreamed-up by Australian expat Darryn Webb. Webb capitalised on the down-hill potential of the thick layer of volcanic ash that covers the 500 metre high volcano. First he slid down on his snowboard, a mattress, boogie board and finally came to a radical conclusion that bums on coffin lids worked best. He should have clearly nailed the idea before the sheep started sliding their asses down a sooty mountain at nearly 50mph to stop themselves from not knowing what to do next when they go backpacking away from cities.  I’m going to take my midlife crisis back to the sea…