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#Volcano-Surfing, The Latest Extreme Sport for Wandering Sheep

December 16, 2011
volcano surfing

Gap-year-clowns replace beer-trays with coffin lids !

Volcano Surfing is a pitiful description for an activity where sober adults slide down a mountain on a coffin lid. The magic of visiting a new volcanic site is reduced to a ridiculous scenario of re-enacting the post-pub antics of sozzled students beer-tray-riding down the side of a grass verge. Volcano merely describes the location and it clearly doesn’t deserve the noble association with the term surfing.

This bored-sport has become popular among tourists after it was discovered back in 2005. The idea of extending this beer-traying descent down the  Cerro Negro volcano is a tourist attraction dreamed-up by Australian expat Darryn Webb. Webb capitalised on the down-hill potential of the thick layer of volcanic ash that covers the 500 metre high volcano. First he slid down on his snowboard, a mattress, boogie board and finally came to a radical conclusion that bums on coffin lids worked best. He should have clearly nailed the idea before the sheep started sliding their asses down a sooty mountain at nearly 50mph to stop themselves from not knowing what to do next when they go backpacking away from cities.  I’m going to take my midlife crisis back to the sea…

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